Student Assistant Scholarship Program


The applicant:

1. Has a high school average of at least 85%.
2. Is an incoming first year college student; has not enrolled in college or earned any college unit (except for reserved scholars, provided that they are enrolled in HCDC).
3. Is in real need of financial assistance to pursue college education.
4. Is single.
5. Is a Roman Catholic.
6. Is of good moral standing.
7. Has passed the qualifying examinations given by the Guidance & Testing Center with a cut-off score of 50.
8. Is without a brother or sister who is/was a recipient of any HCDC Scholarship program, except academic scholarship.
9. No brother or sister who is currently employed at HCDC.

Requirements for Final Interview

1. One copy of 2 X 2 I.D. picture
2. Photocopy of Form 138 (High School Report Card)
3. Income Tax Return/ Certification of Low Income
4. Recommendation from the Parish Priest and attachment from GKK
5. Certificate of Good Moral Character or Recommendation issued by the school
6. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
7. Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
8. Medical Certificate with Standard Chest X-ray (only for those who will passed the final interview)
9. Letter signed by father/mother attesting that no one yet among his/her children has been granted of any HCDC scholarship, except academic.

Other Scholarship Programs

Academic Scholarship Program
This program aims to:

  1. assist the students to grow towards a more mature faith in God by guiding them to discover God's presence in their intellectual quest;
  2. assist the students to develop critical thinking and moral responsibility; and
  3. motivitate the students towards academic excellence.
Entrance Scholarship
a. A 100% free tuition fee is granted to a student who graduated Valedictorian in senior high school and a 50% discount in tuition fee to a student who graduated Salutatorian provided that he/she fulfills the following requirements:

  1. the secondary school he/she comes from is duly recognized by the government;
  2. he/she is able to present a certificate duly signed by the school principal attesting to his/her being a Valedictorian/Salutatorian.

b. Tuition fee discount shall be given to a student whose total raw schore in the scholarship examination falls within any of the following score range:

Score Range Tuition Fee Discount
50 - 59 5%
60 - 69 10%
70 - 79 25%
80 - 89 40%
90 - 99 50%
100 100%
Term Scholarship

a. Any bona fide student who is enrolled in at least 18 units, including religious education, physical education, and computer subjects may qualify for this academic scholarship

b. Free tuition fee shall be enjoyed by a student who obtains a general weighted average of 1.4 (96%) or above, with no grade below 2.0 (90%) in academic subjects including Religious Education (ReEd) and with no grade below 2.2 (88%) in PE and NSTP/CMT.

Tuition fee discount of 50% shall be given to any student who, in a curriculum year, attains a general weighted average of 1.7 (93%0 with no grade below 2.2 (85%) in PE and NSTP/CMT.

Tuition fee discount of 25% shall be enjoyed by any student who, in a curriculum year, attains a general weighted average of 2.0 (90%) with no grade below 2.5 (85%) in  the academic subjects including REED and no grade below 3.0 (80%) in PE and NSTP/CMT.

Student Assistants Scholarship Program (SASP)

In consonance with the vision and mission of the Holy Cross of Davao College, the SASp is committed to help in the education of the peer but deserving students. It aims at the total development of its members and to assist the Holy Cross of Davao College employees in all offices in the disposal of their responsibilities towards the efficient and effective operation of the institution.

The student assistants enjoy benefits and privileges such as:

1. Free registration and tuition fee for 18 units of academic subjects and 3 units of Religious Education and 2 units of PE per semester; 9 units per summer session; and

2. Monthly monetary allowance for a minimum work os seven (7) hours daily Monday to Friday and four (4) hours of Saturday.

Sports Scholarship Program

The sports scholarship program aims to:

1. Develop students’ talents and skills in their field of interest;

2. Attain excellence among athletes who, through constant and scientific training, shall have the privilege of representing the school in local or national competitions;

3. Assist the athletes to develop sportsmanship; and

4. Help the athletes in obtaining a Catholic education.

HCDC-JCC Joint Scholarship Program

The BSED-Catechetics scholarship program is a joint effort of John XXII Catechetical Center and HCDC. Its objective is to train students to become professional catechists through integral formation in academic and pastoral orientation, spiritual life and community living. Recipients of this scholarship program enjoy free tuition and miscellaneous fees. After graduation, they must work preferably in the home parish for at least two years.

Indigenous Community Development Scholarship Program

This scholarship program aims to:

1. Prepare well-formed and trained indigenous professionals from the HCDC local partner communities to work for the development of their respective communities;

2. Help persons from indigenous communities linked with the HCDC to finish a degree and;

3. Assist the graduates of the program to work for the development of their respective communities within a specific period of time after graduation.

Government Scholarships Program

The Holy Cross of Davao College offers scholarship grants given by the government. This is done in coordination with the Commission on Higher education-Regional Office XI (CHED-RO XI) and Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Other Scholarships

The school also offers scholarship grants given by the private entities, veterans and foundations.