Office of Records and Registration Management

The office upholds the school’s value of integrity and honesty while providing quality support services responsive to the needs of the academic community and other clients. The office strives to create an environment that promotes sound, ethical,moral and professional values. The personnel seeks to deliver quality service that is courteous, efficacious and prompt. In addition, professional standards ( Registrar’s Guidebook, CEAP 2009) will be adhered to as follows:

1. Preserving the dignity of the office
2. Exuding personal and professional competence
3. Safeguarding the exchange of confidential information
4. Promoting a climate that exercise professional judgment
5. Refusing to use the offce for personal ends
6. Training staff according to the school’s vision-mission, goals and objectives
7. Sharing experience, knowledge, talents and skills freely with others
8. Upholding the autority of the school when communicating with students, parents and other in the community
9. Presenting an image representative of the school’s excellent standards
10. Conducting work in the spirit of truth, justice, equality, respect and love.


Registrar’s personnel will be recognized as leaders in academic integrity, top performers in customer care and excellent service delivery provider in line with the vision-mission and the policy statement of the Holy Cross of Davao College, Inc. (HCDC).


As repository of school records and hub of information, the office shall:

1. Instill a culture of excellence by providing high quality professional services;
2. Preserve and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of records in the light of blending honesty, firmness, compassion, justice and orderliness;
3. Uphold the Code of Ethics for School Registrars.