Strategic Planning and Quality Management Office

The Strategic Planning and Quality Management Office is responsible for the alignment of institutional plans to HCDC’s mission, compliance to recognized standards, and scaling up of HCDC as a leading Archdiocesan higher educational institution.


The Strategic Planning and Quality Management Office is an assembly of Christ – centered movers in the provision of quality Catholic education.


The Planning and Quality Management Office commits to provide timely administrative and technical support to institutional planning, monitoring and evaluation processes needed for efficiency of institutional undertakings.


The Planning and Management Services Office aligns its goals on the Institutional Planning Framework. In close coordination with the President and Director for Institutional Affairs, the Planning and Management Service Office will endeavor to:

1. Direct and redirect all Holy Cross of Davao College stakeholders towards the school’s vision-mission statement.
2. Monitor and evaluate the institution’s accomplishment and direction on a quarter and annual basis.
3. Act as a conduit in institutional planning activities by constantly providing technical and administrative support to all offices within the institution.
4. Conduct a review of previous plans and identify which unachieved programs and activities will be integrated in the following year.
5. Document success stories in institutional planning that could be replicated by other offices and that may be helpful in the attainment of the vision-mission statement.
6. Establish a systematic and efficient planning, monitoring and evaluation processes.
7. Codify institutional plans and programs and safeguard its confidentiality.
8. Provide the necessary planning information (performance results and the like) on time by processing, documenting and keeping a data bank of the institutional accomplishment.