To foster open communication and maintain healthy relationships amid the challenging times, the College Guidance and Counseling Center of the Holy Cross of Davao College has conducted a webinar for students, teachers and employees on February 24.

Christine Montero-Tan, a registered psychologist and resource speaker, during the virtual conference entitled “Love and Belonging: Healthy and Fulfilling Relationship” said a relationship is healthy when people love and support one another especially during difficult times.

She said that being clear about what the person wants to say is important. It also helps the individual speak clearly and honestly while respecting the other person’s point of view.

She added that working on feeling good about one’s self is also important in building up a healthy relationship.

It is normal to have ups and downs in a relationship. It is also normal to have different opinions. Relationships and people change over time. A relationship is not healthy if one person has more power than another, or if that person is abusive or violent. That’s a red flag,” she emphasized.

According to Montero-Tan, all five psychodynamics which include social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects should be balanced. Once one of these is compromised, the mental health of a person will be affected.

Okay lang talaga maka feel ng grief and at the same time gratitude, sometimes nagsasabay yan sila. It’s like you have felt na nawalaan og trabaho at the same time naa gihapo’y naga help so, that is an overwhelming feeling (It is okay to feel grief and at the same time gratitude, sometimes they come together. It’s like you have felt when you lose your job but there’s still someone who helps you. That is an overwhelming feeling),” she said.

She also said that spending time alone as well as having quality time with friends, family, or engaging in community activities help to build a sense of self-awareness and love.

She added that it is important to seek professional help when experiencing serious health and emotional difficulties to help regain or recover from a loss.

“Hopefully our Mental Health Act here in the Philippines will be implemented. Based on the legislation it has collaborated with government agencies and will regulate the health leave especially whenever you feel exhausted and chronic stress,” she added. (Allan Albior, BA Comm Intern)