The Holy Cross of Davao College recognizes the need, and importance of building linkages with partner institutions, as part of a robust academic community, locally and internationally. This was further reiterated with the internationalization mandate from CHED, as stipulated in CMO. 55, s.2016. It was for these reasons that the center was formally established in September 2021. 

The Center for Linkages, Internationalization & Language Studies, under the Office of the HCDC President, is tasked primarily to establish cooperative relationships with universities and colleges, research organizations, private and local development partners, as well as funding agencies – both at the local and international levels. The nature of these cooperative relationships involve, but not limited to: collaborative research works, faculty and student trainings, student exchange programs, on the job training or internships, as well as collaborative development projects with LGUs, development organizations, and funding agencies.

The center aims to:

  • establish meaningful and productive linkages with local and international institutions through collaborative research projects, faculty and student development trainings in various disciplines, exchange student programs, on the job trainings, etc.;
  • enable student holistic development through joint community and development projects though active participation in academic and secular communities; foster research advancement by actively seeking
  • support through partnerships, networks, linkages,  and through mutual-benefit relationships with funding institutions;
  • promote the study and preservation of indigenous languages to enhance connections with the local community; and,
  • promulgate the study of ASEAN and European languages to support the center’s efforts towards enhancing regional integration and international collaborations.

Local Partners:

International Partners: