Garnering an average of 87% in the September 2018 Licensure Exams for Teachers (LET), Pearly Joy Peresores, a BEED-General Education graduate never expected to make it to the top 10, specifically the 9th spot.

She said her journey to becoming a licensed professional teacher was a series of ups and downs – agonies, hard work, sleepless nights, prayers, and yes the 9th place finish

“God made the mighty miracle in my life .I am surrounded by a supportive family and good friends who all pushed me toward this direction which I am heading for now. This, despite all the financial difficulties I and my parents struggled with just to sustain my college”, Peresores recalled.

Peresores devoted her 100% in studying and reviewing the whole day and even nights, enduring the routine for five months.

She advised future examinees not to leave everything in prayer but they should also exert extra effort to surmount the obstacles and be able to persevere.