A Japanese team composed of a  researcher, Dr. Izumi Chibana, a representative of Japan’s Institute of Developing Economies (IDE), along with the Japanese Consul General of Davao City,  Yoshihisa Ishikawa  and the Vice Consul, Mitsuhasi Rie visited Holy Cross of Davao College on Monday, November 7. The said visit was coordinated by Dr. Amante of the UP Diliman School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR), which specifically aims to determine the current state of the maritime education at HCDC vis-a-vis the industry trends and demands. 

As part of Dr. Chibana’s field study, the discussion focused on the linkages, achievements, gaps and deficiencies, and the corrective actions of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) program during its course of providing competent and quality education to future seafarers.

Dr. Chibana said she chose HCDC for her field study for its “high reputation as a maritime training school.”

“The faculty is really enthusiastic to give education to students. I chose this institution because this college is accredited by MARINA [Maritime Industry Authority],” she added.

She also emphasized that a number of Japanese researchers have already noticed how competent the institution is.

HCDC also expressed its gratitude to the researchers for their hard work and dedication to promote quality maritime education across the globe.

“We feel privileged that you have chosen to interview our faculty from the Maritime Education. We consider it an honor,” Sheryl J. Urdaneta, the Head of Center for Linkages, Internationalization and Language Studies (Link-In & LS), said.

Also present during the forum were Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Teresa P. Fabiana, College of Maritime Education faculty Capt. Omar Monreal and 2M Francisco M. Punay, MEP Laboratory Assistant-in-Charge Capt. Roberto V. Salcedo, Program Developer 2M Claudio Balcita, 2M Louie C. Ramirez, Onboard Training Supervisor 2M Gil Bartolome, MTC Training-in-Charge 2M Warren Jay Mavrin, and Link-In & LS Focal Person Hazel Mey G. Arozado.

HCDC remains optimistic that the institution and its partners will reach more milestones in providing quality education for all.