Institutional Research Office

The office manages the research programs of the institution in coordination with the different departments and offices of the school. It provides research opportunities and assistance to administrators, faculty members, academic teaching/non-teaching personnel, alumni and students. It handles the internal and external researches of the school. Internal researches include academic researches, development of instructional materials, and studies concerning student and alumni services, researches promoting culture and arts, finance and personnel policies. External researches are those which are conducted by the school in partnership with other institutions. These may include collaborative studies in which expenses maybe divided among collaborating parties or sponsored by funding institution/s.

The Research Office coordinates with other offices of the school for developmental work such as accreditation, assessment of school programs, planning of developmental projects, and improvement of instructions in coordination with the different academic units. Furthermore, it also facilitates the dissemination of research results to appropriate offices and sectors through presentations in fora and distribution of research journals and abstracts.

IRO adheres to the national development goals which aim for quality and excellence, relevance and responsiveness, access and equity, and efficiency and effectiveness. Holy Cross of Davao College, being a catholic institution, aspires to strengthen spirituality and values formation in all her quests including her endeavors for research.

The Institutional Research Office (IRO) envisions of becoming the focal point of all research and development activities of HCDC which are consistent with its being a Catholic and educational arm of the Archdiocese of Davao. It aspires to enhance quality researches for further institutional development.

The Institutional Research Office is the institutional center for researches and development of Holy Cross of Davao College. It seeks to gather data on the basic and pertinent information about the school, its immediate and larger community, Davao City, Mindanao as a whole, the entire Philippines and even the international community. It also endeavors to find its way towards making global inquiries. Furthermore, the center facilitates institutional researches and development thrusts through cooperation, collaboration, and networking between and among institutions, agencies, organizations, and other entities for quality education and better relationships.