To offer quality and standard internship programs for the graduating students, Huawei ICT Academy organized an online event via Zoom last Friday, May 27. 

The Holy Cross of Davao College, being one of Huawei’s ICT Academies, participated in the Huawei ICT Academy and Talent Internship Program 2022.

The program was introduced to different schools in Mindanao to help students to be ready and be literate about the ICT industry.  

Through this internship program they will be training competent ICT professionals, construct ICT infrastructure, produce technical experts, and update ICT networks”, Emil Fulleros, the current ICT Academy Regional Management Support in the Philippines, said. 

The Huawei ICT Academy creates student organizations and partnerships to motivate students through creating job fairs, certifications, competitions, awareness, training and road shows.

The said event is spearheaded by the Huawei Company through the leadership of Peter Zhang.

In his opening message, Zhang said that “Huawei ICT Academy continues with their collaboration in the Philippines through developing academic ICT industry.”

Huawei ICT Academy maintains connection and partnership especially in the Mindanao region. This academy generates not only internship programs but until their employment journey,” Zhang added.

In 2021, HCDC partnered with Huawei for its internship program. (Jhunryl B. Orit)