The HCDC High School Alumni has come up with another means of gathering and catching up – sports! On December 16, 2018, the group launched its official Basketball League at the HCDC Bajada Campus.

The first season of the league which commenced February 17 was played by eight competing teams hailing from different batches.

Because of positive feedbacks, the league’s second season is being planned and will soon be in action within the year.

“It all started as an activity for enjoyment among the high school alumni which also turned out to be a good venue of catching up with each other inspite the hectic schedules”, HCDC High School Alumni Commissioner James Cruzada said.

He also said that the league, supported by acting school president Dr. Iris Melliza  is not exclusive for  High School department graduates only, but is open for those who have enrolled in HCDC for at least one school year.