Bachelor of Social Work Program Chairperson Ms. Cirila Lilibeth Panes was named as this year’s Most Outstanding Social Worker in the field of Social Work Education after being nominated by her colleagues in the Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc. (PASWI) Davao City Chapter, which she has been an active member since 2001.

According to the PASWI, Panes has met the criteria being engaged in the direct practice in local government units, non-government organizations, people’s organizations, national government agencies, social work department intermediaries, and or other social work sectoral organizations.

All nominees have gone through proper critiquing and evaluation.

Panes served as an advocate of a drug-free community, strengthening women empowerment, promoting community development, advancing education, mentoring and coaching to young professional social workers in all fields.

“When I received it, it was really a gift on teacher’s day. So at dawn because I know I have many things to work on, by October 5, I checked my email early in the morning. When I checked my email PASWI already sent a message saying congratulations to me. So I was happy, so I shared it with the faculty because they should know first because they are the ones who are behind this cause, when the awarding came I always smiled,” Panes said.

Panes joined Holy Cross of Davao College as a teaching personnel in 2004 and later became the program head of the BSSW in 2014. She has then received various awards and recognitions.

“Nothing makes us more proud than being part of the milestones of our 2022 awardee as Outstanding Social Worker in the Philippines in the field of Social Work Education, Prof. Cirila Lilibeth A. Panes, we truly admired her legacy and commitment being a former officer of paswi, now an active member and as a professor by giving her time, resources and efforts to the students and her colleagues. Lastly, our Awardee is an epitome of wisdom, of sobriety, strength, beauty, and of dignity and love for education,” PASWI Davao City Chapter President Norman Baloro said to Ms. Panes during the awarding ceremony.

Panes has served in a non-government organization for over 14 years, and in the academe for 20 years.

“For the social workers, you serve people passionately with a heart, no biases, and there are times when you feel tired, think of something that will cover your tiredness, as long as you social worker is doing your  job without looking forward for any recognition and award, the thank you from individuals is a really good feeling,” she said.

Currently she is conceptualizing a child-minding center for the institution’s employees. She also volunteered during the pandemic to provide psychosocial first aid in Davao City for those greatly affected during the health crisis. (Jhunryl B. Orit, The New Crusader Yearbook Scholar)