In a momentous start to the new year, members of the Labor Management Committee (LMC) from Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC) paid a courtesy visit to the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) of Region XI. The visit was warmly received by Regional Branch Director Aerrine Marie Reyes, signifying a strong collaborative relationship between the educational institution and the governmental agency.

“This is very memorable for NCMB as this is the first time that a newly formed LMC paid a courtesy visit at the start of the new year. I look forward to our collaboration to achieve industrial peace”, Reyes said. The LMC delegation from HCDC comprised of representatives from various sectors of the college, including Academic Teaching Personnel (ATP), Academic Non-Teaching Personnel (ANTP), and Non-Teaching Personnel (NTP). This diverse group exemplifies the college’s commitment to inclusive and comprehensive representation in labor-management discussions.

Labor-management cooperation is a crucial aspect of organizational success, characterized by collaborative efforts between labor and management to achieve mutual goals. The HCDC-LMC visit to the National Conciliation and Mediation Board reflects this principles, reinforcing a cooperative spirit for the betterment of both the institution and its community.

Furthermore, this visit aligns with the principles of the HCDC-GRIT Framework, an initiative designed to foster a resilient community of stewards and servant leaders at HCDC. The framework emphasizes the importance of gathering data, recognizing messages, including diverse perspectives, and taking decisive action. Under HCDC-GRIT, all members of the HCDC community, including ATPs, ANTPs, and NTPs, are seen as stewards of their functions and servant leaders in their interactions.

“The HCDC-GRIT framework is our unique brand of LMC. Through this framework, we shall journey together towards a happy, healthy, and productive HCDC community”, HCDC Vice President for Operations Mr. Rommel Momo added.

The courtesy visit is a testament to HCDC’s dedication to promoting a harmonious and productive working environment. The meeting concluded with both parties expressing optimism about future collaborations and a shared commitment to the welfare of the HCDC community.