Marking its first year milestone, the Institute of ASEAN and European Studies (IAES) at Holy Cross of Davao College celebrated its anniversary on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. The event also honored the 56th anniversary of the ASEAN, highlighting the institute’s commitment to fostering regional and international collaboration.

IAES, being one of the pillars of HCDC in providing opportunities to its students and faculty towards regional and international learning avenues, has been consistent and determined all throughout since its establishment and will continue to flourish through various partnerships and support of the institution’s stakeholders.

Head of the Center for Linkages, Internationalization, and Language Studies (Link-In & LS) and Concurrent Head of the IAES Sheryl J. Urdaneta, shared her gratitude to the various offices of the institution that helped and supported in flourishing the various programs and endeavors of the office.

“You are very vital members of the Holy Cross of Davao College. I would like to express my warmest gratitude to each and everyone for being instrumental, for being a very important aspect of the success of the Center for Linkages and Internalization and Language Studies, but at the same time Institute of Asean European Studies,” Urdaneta expressed.

Aside from recognizing the different offices for their invaluable support throughout the successful year and the years to come, the event also highlighted the launching of the institute’s magazine, Paglayag: Ambassador’s Lecture Series, which features addresses and lectures of the invited diplomats and representatives from the ASEAN-European regions during various editions of IAES’ Ambassador’s Lecture Series.

As a steadfast community, HCDC-IAES, through its partnerships with neighboring ASEAN countries, paves numerous ways for international opportunities to create more vibrant, and globally competitive students who are ready for the future.