The Institute of ASEAN-European Studies (IAES) of the Holy Cross of Davao College continues to gain relevance as an institute providing academic opportunities for Davao youths and professionals.

In a privilege speech before the Davao City Council during its 20th Regular Session on November 29 which was endorsed by the Chairperson of Committee on Education, Councilor Pilar Braga, Center for Linkages, Internationalization and Language Studies (Link-In & LS) Head and IAES Concurrent Head Sheryl Urdaneta said the IAES has been building relationships with the ASEAN and the EU (European Union) communities as it furthers academic cooperation and collaboration.

“The core objective of IAES is to open doors to higher education institutions in Davao City and the entire Philippines to maximize and enhance ties with ASEAN and Europe by offering opportunities for graduate and post-graduate studies,” Urdaneta said.

Urdaneta added that IAES will serve as a venue for scholarly conversations on relevant issues, including internationalization, regional integration, globalization, inter and intra-regional business relations, environmental issues, education, technological innovations, and inter-regional concerns of ASEAN and the EU.

The institute will also be a research and activity hub for endeavors about ASEAN and the EU, where webinars, lectures, training, symposia, and collaborative projects can be held and hosted. It also hoped to offer students with fully funded scholarships.

“This has been done in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia – it is about time that we do this in Davao,” Urdaneta stressed.

Urdaneta also shared recent milestones of the institute as the only school that has hosted the most foreign dignitaries in the Davao Region: The Ambassadors of Sweden, Belgium, and Finland; the Consuls of Japan, Indonesia, and Finland.

Recently, HCDC has partnered with the EU Delegation to the Philippines in the recent European Higher Education Fair 2022 in Manila last November 18-19, 2022 in which HCDC is the only partner-school of the EU Philippines from the Davao Region. The school was able to share its best practices of the HCDC Erasmus+ experience, being the only school ever to have an Erasmus+ program for maritime education in the Philippines. 

Urdaneta is optimistic that the Davao City Council and the City Government of Davao will support the institute’s activities in order to contribute to the development of ASEAN-EU relations.

“I have come here today to lay down all these beautiful possibilities for our youth and future generations. You and I are in the fortunate position to be partakers of this wonderful opportunity. This is history in the making,” she said.