Bold. Meaningful. Artistic. These are only some of the words to describe the “Ganghaan: A National Arts Month Exhibit of Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC) and University of Mindanao (UM)-College of Architecture and Fine Arts Education” – an exhibition of artworks that will welcome you at the lobby. 

With the theme “Ani ng Sining, Bayang Malikhain,” the Davao-based version of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ nationwide celebration was formally opened on February 12, 2024 at HCDC.

As a Regional Arts Center, the celebration showcased the various paintings of students and faculty from HCDC and UM, displaying their artistic interpretations and creative expressions of the locality.

UM College of Fine Arts Education Program Head Prof. Rogelito D. Cayas Jr. expressed his gratitude for HCDC as a partner institution in empowering the students’ artistry.

“We are privileged and very grateful for the invitation of Holy Cross [of Davao College] as our partner, future partner in terms of artistic and creative collaboration in the years to come,” Prof. Cayas said.

“GANGHAAN in our perspecti,ve is a gateway involving ourselves in reflecting about life, in finding spirituality among ourselves. Inviting its audiences to also reflect of who we are, of what we are and what we believe,” he added.

Meanwhile, HCDC’s Center for Culture and the Arts Head Maricel C. Cayas emphasized that the significance of the celebration is to foster appreciation of arts to students amid the emergence of modern technology.

“High time napud na mag celebrate ta’g National Arts Month. It’s because arts are really important factor sa atoang existence, dili lang ni sya promotion, it is also helpful for our students to awaken their appreciation of arts kay despite na sa presence karon sa technology, might as well go back sa arts na makita nila especially local pajud atung gi featured,” Ms. Cayas mentioned. 

In addition, Ms. Cayas encourages the students to exhibit their artistic side through literary and mural expressions.

Aside from the exhibit, students may enjoy the upcoming community mural painting titled “Magsturya ‘Ta: Art Talks with Davao’s Art Industry Players,” and the poetry in motion competition.