Taking another step towards international partnership, the Holy Cross of Davao College and Universiti Teknologi Mara of Malaysia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last March 6, 2024, via Zoom. 

UITM, an established university in Malaysia with a track record of educational excellence and research along with the dynamic program of collaborative arrangements with many international counterparts, partners with HCDC which shares common academic intent.

The signing of the MOU was participated by HCDC President Br. Noelvic H. Deloria, S.C., Ms. Sheryl Urdaneta, Head of the Center for Linkages, Internationalization, and Language Studies (LINK-IN & LS) and Dr. Ahmad Zulemdi Alias, Assistant Director of UITM. 

“This testifies that we belong to one global humanity. This coming together will also testify that we need to promote friendship and partnership. I’m sure we will certainly benefit from this academic, cultural, research and personal exchange and collaboration,” Br. Noelvic said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Alias emphasized the occasion marks the official establishment of the strategic partnership and witnesses the collaboration that has developed between the two institutions. 

“We officially endorse this MOU, let us carry forward the spirit of our collaboration, nurturing ongoing growth, and fostering valuable knowledge exchange,” Dr. Alias said.

Marking a significant milestone in fostering academic excellence across borders, the successful event ended with HCDC Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Teresa P. Fabiana and General Dedi Faisaldin Ahmad Saleh, Honorary Consul of Malaysia, where they extended their gratitude towards the participating body. (Princess Angeline Pablo, BA Comm Intern)