Indeed, the Holy Cross of Davao College is Ready for the Future!

After more than two years of virtual gathering and isolation, the Holy Cross of Davao College has successfully mounted a 3-day event, dubbed ‘HCDC Trailblazer Fair 2022’ last July 7-9 — a proof that the institution is prepared and equipped despite the challenging times.

From the food stalls, games, booths, and the program itself, the school’s fair was indeed the highlight of the season, which was billed to be the first-ever school-based face-to-face event in Davao City in the time of pandemic.

On its first day, the excitement began as the booths from different school programs, and the mini-games exhilarated the people, not just the Holy Crossians but also visitors and students outside HCDC.

Using their ‘HCDC Trailblazer Passport,’ the students and visitors were able to play and experience the various booths where they got to participate in all the games and win prizes.

The college booths have also served as an information corner about the courses or programs offered in HCDC, which can assist them in choosing the course they want to pursue.

Among the participating booths is from the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management Education (CHaTME), which has showcased the students’ and the teachers’ skills in making beverages and desserts such as ice cream and non-alcoholic drinks. They have also exhibited their various award-winning pieces and Filipino hospitality, securing them the ‘Best Booth’ award of the said event.

The Office of Guidance and Counseling has also held a mini-talk show where alumni guests have shared their inspirational tales as selfless servant leaders in their chosen profession. This gave incoming first year college students and graduates the chance to gain insight and wisdom from the speakers’ comments.

More students and visitors flocked on the second day to witness the event. Several students from various universities like the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC), San Pedro College of Davao (SPC), University of Mindanao (UM) and many more, came to the fair, where they took in and enjoyed the fair’s atmosphere.

“I am happy that I get to experience this face-to-face event na gi-himo sa Holy Cross. Actually, this is my first time experiencing an FTF event karong college kay (senior) high school pako tung nag sugod ang pandemic. And wala ko nag expect na ingani diay siya kalingaw. I am grateful that I get to experience this with my classmates and friends. Thank you kaayo HCDC,” Maura Angelita Aure, a first year psychology student at UIC,  said.

The institution also staged the first school-based major sporting event to ever take place in Davao City, the “New Crusaders Cup HCDC 3×3 Basketball Tournament,” in which teams from various schools in the city and other provinces took part.

The fair never ceased to amaze its attendees as it continuously burned the passion of each and everyone to bond, make a change, and start anew. The HCDC mounted a job fair on the third day, exclusive to its students and alumni, providing them a head start in their career quest and essential skills for future job hunts.

The school also organized a send-off ceremony to its graduates — where they get to reminisce the moments they allot to the institutions and the memories they have shared with their classmates, teachers, and friends. The ceremony, which was a first of its kind, marked the sign of development and endurance — embarking on new adventures.

As the emotions started to fill the school’s grounds, the fair was serenaded by The Dukes and DJ Julian, which inspired everyone to enjoy and make the most out of the moment of the last day of the fair. At that time, the sounds of pleasure and laughter replaced the previously peaceful and serious vibe, which signaled the end of the event.

“The [HCDC] Trailblazer Fair 2022 lived up to its name—it was indeed an avant-garde and trailblazing event! The fair showcased the Holy Crossian spirit of community, inventiveness, and servant-leadership. On a strategic prospect, I appreciate how the school utilized this opportunity to herald its high-quality services, facilities, and education to potential clientele. Overall, it was a success. I firmly believe that this was a perfect avenue to mark the beginning of something great; a new dawn for the Holy Cross of Davao College,” Lorrenz Masong, the president of the HCDC Federation of Outstanding Customs Administration Students (FOCAS),  said.

“With or without the Trailblazer Fair 2022, the Holy Cross of Davao has always been ready for the future. The pandemic never stopped it from growing and continuing its mission to provide a high-quality Catholic education for all. The school may have encountered a lot of adversities through the years, but here we are better and stronger. There is unity in adversity. Our Holy Crossian spirituality will continue to bind us all together as we slingshot ourselves into the future,” he added. (Christian Dave D. Rica, Cross Yearbook Scholar)