A 26-year-old computer engineering student from the Holy Cross of Davao College was recently recognized by the Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines (ICpEP) Region XI for partaking in different academic-related activities.

Dex Marco T. Guibelondo, a fifth year student, was declared as the ‘Most Outstanding Computer Engineering Student’ in Region XI by the official computer engineering organization for academic community and industry practitioners in the Philippines.

The ICpEP is also the organization that manages and prepares certification board exams for computer engineers in the Philippines, as well as the recognized organization of Certified Computer Engineers (CCpE) and Professional Computer Engineers (PCpE).

Guibelondo garnered a total score of 98/100 for his active involvement and achievements in his field of study, besting other computer engineering students in different participating colleges and universities in the region.

Guibelondo considered this accomplishment as an ‘interesting win’ as he competed with only local certificates in which each certificate has its corresponding points.

It is interesting that my win is based on the local certificates that I have as opposed to the others that have national and international certificates but they were not able to come up with the same amount of score”, he said.

He also said that HCDC helped him discover his other abilities through events organized by the school.

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19 pandemic, he also encouraged fellow students to find strength in these challenging times.

Find your strength in this time of pandemic. You should know yourself during this time  because it’s both a psychological and an emotional warfare and a mental challenge. You assess your strengths and weaknesses and apply it to the academic aspect now”, Guibelondo said.

With his win, Guibelondo will represent Region XI and will be competing against other institutions virtually on August 27, 2021 during the ICpEP 1st International Convention to be hosted by Oman.

Meanwhile, Engr. John Patrick O. Olea, an HCDC alumnus, was also granted  a ‘Lifetime Award’ from ICpeP Region XI for his recent membership in the organization and will be recognized at the international level in the same event.