“Run with Marawi”, a fun run for a cause organized by the Supreme Student Government Alumni (SSG-Alumni) in partnership with the Holy Cross of Davao College Lead Campers and the SSG had significantly gone a long, long way in extending refuge to the victims of the Marawi crisis.

The project which merited a positive response from the members of the school community and other youth organizations was able to raise a total of Php 57,000 intended specifically for the evacuees who at the height of the crisis were staying at the Iligan City gymnasium.

Aside from the financial aid, the organizers were able to turn over some 27 sacks of rice, 33 boxes of canned goods, 25 pieces of mats, 45 pieces of mosquito nets, 10 sacks of clothings, toiletries, among others for the evacuees, who also have extended their gratitude for the help accorded to them by HCDC.

While efforts to rebuild the Islamic City of Marawi is underway, the SSG Alumni and the current SSG administration is also working on the “Classroom for every Juan” project to help reconstruct classrooms in schools that were devastated at the height of the 5-month dilemma.

“Through the compassionate hearts of the HCDC students and the alumni, we believe that this project will yield positive results. This is just a start up. It will go a long way since this is not a one shot deal. More projects and activities are being planned out and aligned in aid of Marawi”, Student Affairs Coordinator Armand Dura said. (Christy Pearl Tamparong, MassComm Intern)