“We educate our athletes to set their priority. Balance between their studies and being athletes”, HCDC Sport Coordinator Rudy Salvador said of the school’s athletes in different fields of sports.

For the HCDC sports program, academics is life more than sports, hence, its main thrust is not only to make a name in different fields but most importantly be able to produce well-equipped sports scholars who can contribute something relevant to the society after graduation.

The sports coordinator said that despite the athletes hectic training schedule, the program in four years has been able to produce 67 graduates hailing from the Sports Scholarship Program who all have landed in good and stable jobs.

Inspite this different kind of discipline imbibed in every HCDC athlete – academics first, the Sports Office is proud of the program’s most recent achievements in the local, national and international arenas:

Davao Association of Catholic Schools (DACS) Competition:

* Champion: Men’s Basketball

* Champion: Women’s Basketball

* 1st Runner-up: Chess

* 1st Runner-up: Table Tennis


HCDC’s Basketball Women


HCDC Volleyball Men

Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) Competition:

* Champion: Men’s Basketball

pccl men basketball

Unigames 2017:

* 2nd Runner-up: Men’s Basketball

* 1st Runner-up – Women’s Basketball

* 1st Runner-up: Table Tennis

BIMP-EAGA Competition, East Kalimantan, Indonesia:

* Champion: Men’s Baskteball

* 1st Runner-up : Women’s Beach Volleyball

* 2nd Runner-up: Women’s Track and Field


(Screenshot of Mindanao Development Authority’s Facebook page)

(Ma. Angelica Natividad, MassComm Intern)