The Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC) recently exemplified the spirit of servant-leadership by welcoming Tagum Doctors College (TDC) for a benchmarking activity on January 24, 2023. This event was part of TDC’s preparation for accreditation by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU).

As an institution that holds a long-standing reputation on its credibility in being a PAASCU-accredited academe, Dr. Jean A. Legaspi, Head of HCDC Institutional Quality Assurance Office (IQAO), gladly shared HCDC’s basic and essential practices to TDC’s Quality Assurance team towards taking steps in the preparation of the accreditation.

“They wanted to know how things are done as it would be their first time to undergo accreditation, ” Legaspi stated in an interview.

Felt humbled by being chosen as one of the tertiary institutions, Dr. Legaspi also shared that TDC was very grateful for the hospitality and accommodating spirit shown to them.

“It was a humbling experience. They were so thankful that Holy Cross was very much accommodating. Well, that’s our mission – to be of service to all – provided that we can make it, so that’s what I did,” she expressed.

As Holy Crossians that embody the value of service towards the community, Dr. Legaspi mentioned that “in whatever little way we can, we give service.”

Dr. Legaspi also revealed that HCDC is hoping for the possibility of sharing its quality assurance journey for the benefit of some small DACS-member schools.

“In a very little way, perhaps, the office can share what our practices are. It is the fulfillment of our mission,too, ” Dr. Legaspi mentioned.

Being an institution that upholds quality education and selfless service as its cornerstones, HCDC takes on the values of extending its arms to various educational institutions to help serve the academic needs of the community, in realizing the importance of attaining a well-educated and ready-for-the-future driven citizens.