Two alumni from Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC) excelled in the November 2023 Customs Brokers Licensure Examination (CBLE), securing the 1st and 7th places. The CBLE is a board licensure examination for graduates of Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration (BSCA).

Trisha Marie V. Siy, achieving a remarkable score of 91.25%, ranked first, while Mark Joseph P. Mangmang placed in the top 7 with a score of 89.25%. Both, who graduated as Cum Laudes, have made their alma mater proud.

“I just wanted to pass the exam, and even that I wasn’t sure… sabi ko next year nalang ko mag take kay di pa gyud ko prepared,” Siy said in an interview days after the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) released the results of 2023 November CBLE.

She confessed that her modest ambition is just to pass the exam.

“It still feels surreal. I still can’t get it to sink in me that I did this,” she added, saying that she actually prepared late, and started her review behind her peers, mentioning that her review routine lasted around 10-12 hours per day.

This 22-year-old achiever, also an active member of the HCDC Esports Club, credits the game Valorant for enhancing her analytical skills. “The game demands strategic thinking and situation analysis, which aided my exam performance,” she explained.

“Sa game, you have to strategize and siyempre kailangan mo mag analyze sa situation kung pano kayo mananalo. Somehow, it contributed to the way I thought during the examinations,” she said. She however emphasized that it was still a matter of prioritizing studies over playing.

Siy’s achievement is a historic moment for HCDC, marking the first time a student has topped any PRC board examination.

Meanwhile, Mangmang, who faced numerous challenges, said that he overcame obstacles with perseverance and resilience. 

He also highlighted the significance of having a ‘support system’ in preparing the examination. 

“Whenever ma burnout ko tungod sa pressure, muhilak lang jud ko tapos laban lang dayun after. And need lang jud nimog emotional support system. Dapat naa jud kay daganan whenever you feel down and it can be anyone,” he said.

Mangmang who was also a Student Assistant Scholar, expressed his gratitude to the institution for its unwavering support.

“Kung wala ko nahimong Student Assistant Scholar, dili ko ka graduate as a BSCA student. Kung wala tung scholarship, dili gyud nako ni ma achieve. Grabe dako gyud kaayo ang help sa Holy Cross. Thank you gyud. Without HCDC, dili ko ka top notcher if wala ang Holy Cross gyud,” Mangmang said. 

Both Sy and Mangmang also thanked their teachers, family, and friends whose unwavering support and guidance played a crucial role in their journey.

These remarkable achievements by Siy and Mangmang are more than personal victories; they are shining beacons of hope and inspiration. Their journeys highlight the transformative power of dedication, resilience, and the support of a nurturing educational environment.

Their success subtly echoing HCDC’s “blazing of trail to success” and the unwavering commitment to cultivating excellence and shaping future leaders who not only achieve their dreams but also inspire others to become trailblazers.