Marking a significant step towards ecological sustainability, the Holy Cross of Davao College recently partnered with EcoWaste Coalition through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), as part of its commitment to become a zero-waste institution, last September 13, 2023.

EcoWaste Coalition, an advocacy network envisioning a zero waste community, spearheaded the seminar and orientation, continuing its mission in supporting institutions to embrace zero-waste objectives and engage in climate-friendly activities.

“Today is a celebration where HCDC will be a model in the near future for a zero waste school. I hope this school will be number one when it comes to zero waste,” said Eloisa Tolentino, one of the resource persons from EcoWaste Coalition. 

The partnership aligns with the growing movement towards environmental sustainability and waste reduction, to implement sustainable practices and reduce waste generation, in hopes to make a positive impact on the institution’s environment.

Haidilyn Precillas, 2nd Year BS Social Work student, shared her insights on the significance of this type of initiative. 

“I have learned many things and for me as a student, na realize nako na daghan pa diay ta ug mabuhat and maka contribute pa ta sa atoang society. Dako kaayo ni siyag impact sa atoang society,” Precillas said.

Organized by HCDC’s Vice President for Operations through the Human Resource Office, the event was graced by office and academic heads, Supreme Student Government Officers, and students from the International Culture and Arts Club. 

The institution’s commitment to zero waste reflects its dedication to creating a greener HCDC as it also aims to set an example for others and inspire more institutions to take similar actions.