The Holy Cross of Davao College strengthens internationalization efforts with Dr. Monica Frohlich, the DAAD Coordinator for the Philippines, and the international relations officers and managers from different institutions in an information-sharing session on Monday, February 26, 2024, at the Holy Cross of Davao College 5F Conference Room.

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is an independent organization and a German institution in Europe, which contributes as the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation to shaping the European Higher Education and Research Area. It is committed to internationalizing the academic system of HEIs in Mindanao.

“DAAD’s strategy is to promote excellence and broaden perspectives of education and science, international collaboration, and as to global responsibilities, and that’s like the three goals of DAAD,” Dr. Frohlich said.

The session, led by Ms. Sheryl Urdaneta, Head of the Center for Linkages, Internationalization, and Language Studies (LINK-IN & LS), focused on the importance of understanding the nuances of internationalization in different settings while also highlighting the challenge of bachelor’s degree equivalency; that of the Philippines vs. to the other countries in the world, specifically in Germany.

Ms. Urdaneta also pointed out a difference between the academic cultures of the Philippines and the European countries that the country must address.

The event ended with a question and answer portion to discuss initiatives further and future recommendations to maintain the effectiveness of internationalization for the said institutions, particularly HCDC. (Princess Angeline Pablo, BA Comm Intern)