Recognizing the importance of employee’s well-being, personal growth, and rejuvenation, the employees of Holy Cross of Davao College have recently immersed themselves in a 3-day retreat organized by the Human Resources Department in collaboration with the Center for Integral Evangelization (CEI) last August 23 to 25, 2023.

The activity, which aimed to provide a relaxing and engaging environment, became the avenue where employees had the opportunity to indulge in a peaceful atmosphere conducive to a deeper level of reflection and relaxation.

Gaining valuable experiences from this event, the employees are expected to approach tasks with a greater sense of purpose, dedication, and responsibility.

Throughout the event, various activities were organized to promote collaboration among the employees.

Highlighted on the retreat was the group sharing which allowed the employees to reflect on the importance of integrating spirituality and mindfulness into various aspects of life, including work and personal endeavors.

School of Teachers Education faculty member JP Versinie S. Merlas shared how the retreat made her fully reconnect to herself.

“I feel so relieved, we were really able to have our rest aside from reflections and also improving our spirituality,” she said.

With 170 employees divided into five groups, the venues included Our Lady of Peace Abbey, Benedictine Nuns, in Cogon, Digos; Benedictine Monks in Cogon, Digos; Maritime Training Center, Camudmud, IGACOS; St. Charles Borromeo, Matina Aplaya; and St. Ignatius Spirituality Center, ADECOR, IGACOS.

Furthermore, an individual-directed retreat in which 18 employees were involved had led to a more structured and introspective experience.

2M Claudio T. Balcita, Jr., Dean of the College of Maritime Education, is filled with overflowing gratitude for providing them with this opportunity to reflect and recharge their minds.

“We are thankful because they are there to let us feel the value of our service and they helped us to become a better version of ourselves,” he said.

With this type of spiritual activity, the management hoped that employees are now prepared and rejuvenated to take on their responsibilities for the Academic Year 2023-2024.

The institution also aspires that with this kind of initiative, it will lead to improved morale, increased productivity, and a more positive work environment.