The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Internship Program (BACIP) of the Holy Cross of Davao College successfully mounted this year’s edition of ‘Kolokabildo’ with the theme, “On Battling Cybersex Crimes” last Friday, May 27.

Several guest speakers coming from the involved sectors of the issue pitched in their thoughts, discussions, and plans that served as a way in addressing cybersex crime issues.

According to the BACIP Chancellor, James Bryan Bandillo, raising awareness regarding this issue is vital for the public to be more vigilant to avoid the harm and dangers that these online activities can bring to people especially to minors and young children.

Through Kolokabildo, we would be able to raise awareness regarding this issue. Now that we live in a digital age where most people have access to the internet, we must take action because the majority of victims of cybersex crimes are minors aged 17 or younger. By giving awareness to the public, it could help us to educate them on what we need to do to avoid such crimes and also to be a responsible internet user,” Bandillo said.

Kolokabildo is the longest running public affairs program for more than 20 years in Holy Cross of Davao College that tackles and addresses societal issues that matter and are relevant today.

Kolokabildo 2022 can be accessed through this link: (Chriscelyn Jane Gabalunos, BA Comm Intern)