Seventy-two years of dedication. Seventy-two years of stewardship. Seventy-two years of evangelization. 

The HCDC 72nd Founding Anniversary and Fiesta Celebration marks the commitment of the institution towards its dedication in providing quality Catholic education for all, stewardship in nurturing the minds of people who will be the future of the community, and in evangelizing the Good News through Catholic education.

On September 14, 2023, HCDC successfully celebrated its 72nd Founding Anniversary, which commenced with a fiesta mass presided by Davao Archbishop and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Most Rev. Romulo G. Valles, DD.

In his homily, Abp. Valles highlighted the significance of the celebration as a testament of unity and love among the HCDC community, reminding everyone that life is cross and Jesus’ selfless sacrifice and his enduring presence as He walked with us until the end.

Prior to the fiesta celebration a series of Novena Masses was organized, to prepare the students and employees to imbibe and welcome the spirit of gratitude and solidarity.

With the theme “Trailblaze HCDC at 72: A Pilgrimage of Hope as Servant Leaders”, Center for Integral Evangelization Head Armand Dura delves on the meaning of the theme as giving importance to hope and pilgrimage. 

“Actually the theme of our feast is very rich, especially in terms of hope. My takeaway is when we say pilgrimage, this is tailed on Synodality that Holy Cross, we are a community full of hope. We need this hope because we are a journeying community, academic community and we are hoping to produce graduates that are rooted from our vision and mission,” Dura said.

To fully enjoy the 72nd Founding Anniversary and Fiesta Celebration, the institution marked a  week-long celebration that started from September 13 until 16. 

For Br. Glien Norbe, a faculty member of the Bachelor of Science in Social Work, being part of the HCDC Fiesta Celebration is fulfilling, as the institution heads to its Diamond Year.

“I’m so glad that I am part of the fiesta celebration. As HCDC is getting near to its diamond jubilation, I am hopeful that we will continue the mission, and what the mission of HCDC is. This year, I really feel like everyone took part, from preparation, to the event. It is also important that alumni also join the event. The experience is a total package,” he said.

In addition, Glydel Sencio, a third year student of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management, also shared her enthusiasm in the celebration of HCDC’s Founding Anniversary.

“The experience was really nice. Daghan ug events, daghan ug ganap so ma feel gyud nimo ang pagka vibrant sa community nato.  Looking forward sa next year’s nga fiesta celebration sa atong school (The experience was really nice. There are many events, there are many activities so we really feel the vibrance of our community. Looking forward on the following years of fiesta celebration of our school),” Sencio remarked.

Packed with various activities, the celebration was filled with excitement and joy as the HCDC community and alumni graced the event. This remarkable occasion not only brought joy and unity among the institution’s members but also strengthened the bond within the HCDC community. 

Meanwhile, highlighting the spirit of stewardship and selfless service, HCDC organized its tradition of the Charity Bazaar. This year, the committee has identified the Student Assistant Scholarship program (SASO) as its beneficiaries through the Cross Blazers Breakfast Project. The feeding program aims to alleviate short-term hunger among the student scholars, particularly the financially challenged and undernourished.

The HCDC 72nd Founding Anniversary marks the continued effort of the school since 1951, to realize its mission to a fully vibrant community of believers and Christ-centered evangelizers. HCDC looks forward to many more successful years ahead as it continues to trailblaze and make a positive impact on the lives of its members and the community it serves.