Twenty-two (22) third-year students from the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) program at the Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC) showcased their exceptional abilities by qualifying for the prestigious Dalisay Cadetship Examination on May 4, 2023.

These aspiring seafarers achieved a remarkable general weighted average of 90 and above throughout their academic journey, from their first year as BSMT students until the present.

The Dalisay Cadetship Examination, comprising three stages—the Ability Profiling Program (APRO), the Crew Evaluation System (CES), and an interview—comprehensively assessed their understanding of essential concepts required for their future apprenticeship experience.

Dalisay Shipping Corporation, a Japanese-owned company with a Filipino workforce, aims to foster a new generation of disciplined and dedicated mariners. It has developed a robust and integrated plan to ensure long-term sustainability for future generations by enhancing career advancement opportunities for both sea- and shore-based positions.

Captain Efren B. Riconalla, President of Dalisay Shipping Corporation and the driving force behind the cadetship apprentice program, emphasized during the cadetship examination conference that the successful examinees would be accommodated and welcomed aboard their vessels upon joining the company in Manila.

Meanwhile, Captain Bernabe T. Lim, MM, the BSMT Program Chairperson, expressed his enthusiasm for the milestone achieved by the College of Maritime Education (CoME).

“I am proud to say that, of the twenty two cadets that we have endorsed, all of them are being accepted and absorbed. I’m proud of that, very proud,” Lim said.

He stressed the aspiring cadets are competent enough to go onboard for apprenticeship. 

Capt. Lim added the Dalisay Shipping Company selected the HCDC-CoME to be given the cadetship opportunity because of its competent and values-oriented students.

“In fact, ang ilang reason is, most sa mga estudyante natin ay puro mga leaders sa eskwelahan, sa mga estudyante. Special talaga ang mga nabibigay natin sa kanila, which I would like to maintain or retain the same qualities. Ang galing ng values natin, nando’n yung respeto (In fact, their reason is that most of our students are leaders in our institution and the students. We give them something special, which I would like to maintain or retain the same qualities. We are proud of our values – respect is present),” he explained.

Captain Lim expressed his hopes that the number of Dalisay Cadetship examinees from HCDC would double in the following year.

He emphasized that HCDC is the only school in Mindanao recognized by the Ministry of Transport, Government of Japan, enabling all HCDC graduates to work on vessels under the Japanese flag. He also invited other companies, particularly Japanese companies, to recognize the distinct advantage offered by Holy Cross graduates.

The outstanding performance of HCDC students in the Dalisay Cadetship Examination showcases their dedication, competence, and values-oriented education, positioning them for successful careers in the maritime industry.