Board of Trustees

Most Rev. Romulo G. Valles, D.D.

Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Cuison
Vice Chairman

Rev. Msgr. Jaime J. Gamboa

Rev. Fr. Jose Junar N. Dela Victoria

Rev. Msgr. Maximo M. Sarno

Rev. Fr. Agustin L. Nazareno

Ma. Iris A. Melliza, EdD

Br. Noelvic H. Deloria, S.C.
Member/HCDC President

Mr. Juanito L. Yap

Mr. William L. Leh

President’s Council

Br. Noelvic H. Deloria, S.C.

Teresa P. Fabiania
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Rommel F. Momo
Vice President for Operations

Rev Fr. Emmanuel G. Calumpong
Corporate Treasurer

Academic Heads

College of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication

Estela O. Yray
Bachelor of Arts

Jerson John L. Trocio
BS in Psychology

Cirila Lilibeth A. Panes
BS in Social Work

Alona Galache
General Education Program

School of Business and Management Education

Lorribelle R. Ocenar
BS in Business Administration

Javie M. Villa Abrille
BS in Accountancy / BS in Management Accounting

Aljun L. Lozano
BS in Customs Administration / BS in Real Estate Management

College of Maritime Education
Isaac G. Salvaña
BS in Marine Transportation

College of Hospitality and Tourism Management Education

Ginalyn P. Yretarino
BS in Hospitality Management/BS in Tourism Management

College of Criminal Justice Education

Arvin V. Timbang
BS in Criminology

School of Teacher Education
Lolito G. Estrera
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education/ Bachelor of Elementary Education/
Bachelor of Physical Education/ Bachelor of Secondary Education/
Bachelor of Special Needs Education Generalist

Office Heads and Supervisors

Melanie Layague
Director for Finance

Doreli Flor N. Sarayan
Head, Human Resource Office

Jennifer C. Yee
Registrar, Office of Registration and Records Management

Sheryl Jo Urdaneta
Head, Center for Linkages,
Internationalization and Language Studies

Derf Hanzel C. Maiz
Head, Social Communications and Alumni Affairs

Armando C. Dura
Head, Center for Integral Evangelization

Kevin Paul C. Bonotan
Head, Office of Student Affairs and Services

Gernante O. Polestico
Head, Office of Information and Communications Technology

Erwin Tumbali
Facilities Management supervisor

Joel C. Aligaen
Farm Property In-Charge

Asisclo M. Abonado III
Head, Center For Research

Rev. Fr. Louis Jasper V. Alfeche
School Chaplain