While studying can be a taxing work, it’s a way different from these two buddies who share the same maxim that learning can be fun at the same time.

The new breed of top notchers of the June 2022 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), Redeem Paul M. Yap and Cyril Jasper Suarez, both graduates of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics, have attributed their success to hard work and prayers.

Yap, who placed fifth among thousands of examinees with 91% rating, offered his success to his parents and to Almighty God.

“Ang nagmamataas ay ibababa, at ang nagpapakumbaba ay itataas,” Yap has this to say when asked about this journey in life while manifesting triumph after the examination.

He said it had taken him a lot of balance to study and have fun sometimes.

“Cyril is my study buddy, studying while having fun, and we also play online games together,” Yap said while affirming that a student can study and still do other things during free time.

Meanwhile, Suarez, who took the ninth spot with 90% rating, said he did not expect to finish in the pool of brilliance.

“Mopasa ra gyud ang akong gipangayo kay Lord pero gipasobrahan gyud Niya,” Suarez said while expressing his gratefulness to the Lord.

He said he had waited for the examination for two years because of the pandemic.

“Successful dreamers never quit on their dreams when the going gets tough, they press on!” Suarez said while quoting an inspiring message to recall his personal struggles.

Yap and Suarez were both in the dean’s list and active members of the Mathematics Society.

Yap and Suarez have expressed their gratitude to their alma mater for the fruitful years of learning.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Board of Professional Teachers, around 10,193 out of 20,191 examinees or 50.48 percent in the Secondary Level have successfully passed in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in June 2022.

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