College Guidance and Counselling Center


Individual Inventory

The Center assists students in attaining better self-understanding through the testing program, the development and use of the cumulative record and other procedures and techniques. The individual inventory provides the counselors a developmental picture of each student as s/he progresses from year to year. Hence, it is a rich source of information for counseling purposes and for maintaining continuous study of individual students.

Information Service

The Center provides information pertaining to the total school program. It embraces a cluster of activities that are intended to help students grow in self-understanding, enable them to make wise decisions and plan effectively.

Generally, it provides students with personal, social, and educational data as well as information about curricular offerings, implications of failed and dropped grades, psychological test results, procedures for shifting to another course, transferring to other schools, withdrawing subjects, possible job opportunities, and social, emotional and personal adjustments.

Likewise, the center provides the administration, faculty and staff information about guidance programs and services and other relevant data.

Testing Service

The center caters to students through the Testing Program by giving feedback/recommendations to the school for further improvement of curricular offerings. Likewise, it is involved in the recruitment of students and school personnel through the administration and interpretation of psychological tests.

Counselling Service

Counseling is considered the heart of the guidance service for it involves a personal and deeper encounter between the counselor and the student. Through such relationship, the student is assisted towards becoming a self-directed individual.

Counseling service can be given either individually or by group. Individual counseling is given to an individual who wants to work out solutions to personal problems. One may come personally to the office (walk-in), or s/he may be referred by a teacher, other school personnel or by his/her parent for counseling.

In cases where students need to be referred to a specialist, resources outside the school are availed of. For this purpose, the center ties up with other professionals like psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and other help givers to answer an individual’s special need.

On the other hand, group counseling is given to a group of students to explore solutions to their shared concerns.

Career Guidance

The Career Guidance service is designed to help students become more familiar with their chosen course. It also helps them prepare for life after school. Activities like career enrichment seminars/symposia/fora are conducted for this purpose.

Training and Consulting Service

The office provides consultation services to individuals or institutions in areas related to guidance and counseling. It also provides human resources for the training needs of those who would wish to avail of its services.

Furthermore, the Guidance Personnel provides supervision to students who would like to spend their internship in the office.

Research and Evaluation

The College Guidance & Counseling Center, having a rich repository of data, conducts researches for the information dissemination as well as enhancement of the programs and services of the school which are useful to the students, faculty, administration and other school staff.

Moreover, clients can make use of the data available in conducting researches.

Furthermore, the school recognizes the fact that if it has to move forward, it has to continuously evaluate its programs and services as well as its human resources. Hence, the Center develops and uses various forms of evaluation instruments to meet this purpose.

Student Support Groups
  •  Campus Guide Volunteers
  •  Peer Facilitators