The Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCrim) of the College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) has passed the assessment consultation after the PAASCU visit last year.

The CCJE Program Chairperson, Arvin Timbang said they are getting ready for the PAASCU Level 1 Accreditation visit next year.

Nakapasar na ‘ta sa consultation and nagahinay nata og prepare for next year for the visit sa Level 1 Accreditation (We have passed the consultation and we are now preparing for next year’s visit for Level 1 Accreditation),” Timbang said.

According to Timbang, the most essential part is adhering to the directions issued by the governing bodies, including the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Mainly, ang pinaka crucial part is sa instructions, kay gina check man na nila so, see to it ang atong mga teacher sa criminology is quality jud ang ilang pagtudlo (Mainly, the most crucial part is the instructions, because they are already checking, so we see to it our criminology teachers gives quality teaching),” he said.

He also said they must adhere to the CHED norms and directions in order to ensure the quality of education and active engagement of students.

Every now and then, gina-check nato kung naga-engaged ba ang teacher sa atong mga students especially online ta karon, naga-observed sad ‘ta sa ilang klase (Every now and then we check if a teacher is engaged with our students especially we are online now, we are also observing their classes),” he added.

The CHED establishes guidelines on how a school offering criminology courses operate, in which HCDC is rigorously complying. (Marlar S. Carvajal, BA Comm Intern)