Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration 

Major In Human Resource Management


The Human Resource Management Program prepares the graduate for a career in the Human Resources Department of any organization, handling the many diverse human capital requirements of the organization, including recruitment, staffing, training and career development.


BSBA Program


  • If a student is admitted to the BSBA program, he or she shall obtain a final grade of at least 75% in all subjects.
  • However, the BSBA Program may retain a student even if he/she failed to meet above minimum academic performance provided a reasonable evaluation that leads to such retention is conducted.
  • The Program Head will evaluate the academic performance of all the students with robationary status at the end of the semester.
  • If a student on probation failed to meet the requirements of the program at the end of the semester he/she shall be advised to shift to another course within the HCDC.
  • The Program Head or the Dean of the School of Business Management may waive the advised to shift upon on his/her discretion.
  • An enrolled student who is dropped in any of his/her subjects can proceed with the BSBA Course provided that he/she shall re-enroll and pass the subject.
  • Academic policies in the department, pre-requisites, and sequences of the subjects offered according to the prescribed curriculum must be strictly followed with the mandate of the Commission on Higher Education and the School Registrar.

Career Opportunities for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 

Major in Human Resource Management Graduates

  • Management Trainee in Human Resource Management
  • Administrative Assistant Human Resource Assistant 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Compensation Assistant 
  • Training and Development Assistant 
  • Office Assistant
  • Executive Assistant 
  • Recruitment Assistant
  • Benefits Assistant