Bachelor Of Science In Custom Administration


The Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration aims to develop business graduates and customs brokers  who are competent and knowledgeable in the fast growing import-export business that shall carry authentic Christian values and attitudes  as well as the customs and port management of private and public sectors. 



  • A student is retained in the program if he/she has maintained a grade of at least 80% in all his/her minor academic subjects and at least 85% in all professional subjects.
  • Failure to comply on the requirement above, or having obtained a failing/dropped grades in any subject, a signed waiver is a requirement for student’s retention and enrollment.  
  • In addition to item 2, above, students who continuously obtain below the cut off grades for two consecutive semesters shall be advised to shift to other programs.


Note: All students (starting from freshmen new curriculum) who signed the waiver are automatically under probationary status and must submit midterm grades ten (10) days after the date of releasing of midterm grades by their respective teachers.

Career Opportunities for Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration

  • Practicing Customs Broker after passing the CBLE 
  • Customs Operations 
  • Tariff Specialist Logistics 
  • Customs Police Foreign Procurement 
  • Intelligence Officer Transportation Assistant  
  • Customs Inspector Warehouse Assistant 
  • Wharfinger Inventory Assistant
  • Customs Guard Import-Export Assistant
  • Collector of Customs Logistics Manager 
  • Supervising Tariff 
  • Section Chief Account Manager 
  • Inventory/WarehouseManager 
  • Global Trade Manager 
  • Tariff and Customs Consultants
  • Government Private Enterprise
  • Declarant/ Import Tax Officer
  • Specialist
  • Trade Specialist Manifest Clerk
  • Airline/Shipping Lines 
  • Executive
  • Trade Analyst Forwarding Account
  • Import-Export Manager
  • Division Chief Supply Chain Manager
  • Forwarding Manager
  • Academic Faculty/Lecturer/ Researcher
  • Transportation/TrafficManager
  • Compliance Officer