Bachelor Of Science In Criminology


The Bachelor of Science in Criminology produces graduates who will lead the nation in addressing the vital problem of crime prevention and control thereby meeting the demands of the people and the country.


The program enables the students to:

  1. Acquire basic and technical knowledge and skills in organization, administration and operation of law enforcement agencies so that peace and order may be maintained more effectively;
  2. Acquire a broad cultural background and understanding of constitutional provisions and due process of law for the total administration of justice;
  3. Develop higher concepts of citizenry and leadership and an understanding of their moral and legal responsibilities to their fellowmen, their community and the country; and
  4. Participate in research inquiry along the field of criminal justice, criminology, corrections, criminalistics, law enforcement, crime detection and social defense;


In attaining the objectives of the College of Criminology, the following are the guidelines for the RETENTION of the students.

  • Freshmen and Transferee students as Regular Students. Those freshmen and transferee students classified as Regular will be retained in the college of criminology if;
  • He/she maintains the grades of at least 80% in all of his/her subject/s enrolled at the end of semester of first enrolment.
  • He/she obtains grades below 80% and/or having at most 2 failed subjects at the end of semester of first enrolment, he/she shall be automatically given the Probationary Status and he/she has to;
  • He/she has to report to the Dean of College to discuss his/her poor performance in the semester of first enrolment.
  • He/she has his/her load in the following semester shall be limited to 15 units only which will be determined by the Dean of the College through the recommendation of the Evaluator of the College.
  • The Regular Status will be re-gained upon having a satisfactory performance (passing all subjects with at least 80%) in the succeeding semester. The student fail should 1 or more subject, he/she will be advised to shift to other course. 

Career Opportunities for Bachelor of Science in Criminology

  • Jail Officer  
  • LTO Enforcer  
  • Firearms Examiner  
  • Polygraph Examiner  
  • Bank Signature Verifier  
  • Parole and Probation Officer  
  • Private Detective and Investigator
  • Fire Officer  
  • Police Officer 
  • Security Consultant  
  • Document Examiner  
  • NBI Special Investigator  
  • PDEA Agent 
  • Security Officer 
  • Correctional Officer 
  • Fingerprint Examiner 
  • Crime Scene Photographer
  • Crime Laboratory Technician