Searching for the best version of himself is what keeps him determined and motivated.  Hence, Patrick Jules Pal, a BSED –Biological Science graduate of Holy Cross of Davao College  was able to bag the 10th spot in the recent Licensure Exams for Teachers (LET) given in September 2018.

His road to the Top 10 was not an easy ride though, as time management along with procrastination  had been his greatest enemy way back college until the time he was preparing himself for the examination.

It was the same “enemy” who strengthened and enabled him to overcome his struggles by way of metacognition. Metacognition helped him to know his own thoughts and to know himself better.

“My enemy turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It made me realize my weaknesses and transform them into strengths. Never tolerate mistakes, instead you learn from them. You learn from the enemy”, Pal pointed out.

The LET topnotcher challenged future examinees to always find the best version of themselves, to do their best so that regrets would never ever house their souls. “Do not take the exam as a competition. Just do your best”, he added.