The Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation produces graduates with the expertise and commitment to become merchant marine officers and leaders of the maritime industry. Students gain technical competence and reinforce their Christian values. Honing seafaring skills in our one year shipboard training on domestic and international vessels. On campus, the institution prides on our advanced training facilities, excellent faculty, and professional staff.


The College of Maritime Education adopts the three areas of concern as criteria for this Retention Policy, namely: Academic Performance, Attitude and Behavior, and the Departmental Examination. 

  • The Academic Performance area refers to the students’ grades in every subject and the general average grade in all subjects per semester. 
  • The Attitude and Behavior area consists of the merits obtained by the cadets/cadettes under the Christian Regimented system. 
  • Lastly, (c) the Departmental Examination refers to the results of the examination given in the department every semester which comprises of Professional subjects, Mathematics, Science and English subjects.
  • Each area has been allotted a certain percentage. Academic Performance =45%; Attitude and Behavior= 30% and Departmental Examination=25%. The minimum passing rate is 60%.


A cadet or cadette who fails to obtain the minimum passing rate shall be subjected to a deliberation by the Retention Committee.