College Department

The college department is committed to the development of the whole person founded on a strong relation with Christ. Thus, it seeks to:

1. provide the students, especially the less fortunate, the opportunities, atmosphere, and training that enhance their dignity as persons and help them to acquire a Christian value system that nurtures faith, truth, justice, peace, love and service;

2. offer career programs that will develop competent professionals, dynamic and religious citizens who, as leaders and followers, will share themselves in meaningful participation in the functions of society to improve the quality of human life;

3. make the students more aware of the contemporary social, political, economic, cultural, moral and other issues so that they become socially sensitive and creatively responsive to the changing needs of their environment;

4. develop appreciation, pride and love for the rich Filipino cultural heritage and strengthen nationalism among the students;

5. provide continuing program of activities for the alumni for social enrichment of the school and the community; and

6. possess research capabilities which would later help improve the quality of life of the Filipino people.