The school provides scholarship program to student, especially the less fortunate with proven potential in a particular field of sports upon meeting the academic standards of HCDC.


The Sports Scholarship Program aims to:
1. Position HCDC as the leader in the field of Sports and to increase awareness among students of the role of sports as vehicle in attaining Catholic education; the moral, the intellectual and the Physical development.
2. Recruit and train students to become Christ – centered athletes in the different sports events and represent HCDC in its effort to advocate excellence, leadership, humility and peace through sports.
3. Send athletes as agent of change and development and marketing arm of the school in the educational institutions market.


The applicant:
1. Is a student, especially less fortunate with potential in a particular field of sports.
2. Is single, high school graduate, transferee or first year/second year holy Cross student, but not more than 21 years old.
3. Is of good moral standing.
4. Has met the athletic standard of the coach (is recommended by the coach after series of try-outs)
5. Has passed the qualifying examination given by the Guidance & Testing Center.


1. 10 copies of 2×2 I.D picture
2. Original Authenticated Birth Certificate from NSO
3. Recommendation from the coach
4. Physical Examination, Drug Test, Chest X-ray and Medical Certificate from the school physician
5. For H.S. graduate: Form 138(Report Card) and Certificate of Good Moral Character
6. For Second Year: Grade of previous year
7. For Transferees: T.O.R and Certificate of Honorable Dismissal