The Maritime Training Center is task to provide assistance to the instructors and trainees in their respective training classes and in maritime training-related activities, henceforth the office aims to:

  • Provide excellence service to the clients by providing trainings every month and through annual accreditation of new courses and acquisition and continuous updating of maritime training equipment, apparatus, instruments, publications as well as upgrading and maintenance of its facilities in order to enhance and enrich training activities;
  • Formulate and implement the training policies and guidelines every trainings to ensure high-quality flow of the activity and the efficient use, safety and security of facilities, equipment and apparatus;
  • Widen and improve the proficiency of training personnel annually through seminars, training, workshops and other activities related to the use, care, maintenance, test, inspection and calibration of apparatus, equipment and training education.
  • Conduct periodic inspection, test, maintenance, and calibration of equipment through daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to ensure efficiency and accuracy of instruments’ performance and;
  • Improve the delivery of training services by conducting training evaluation for clients and training personnel to meet customer satisfaction.