Library Services:

a. Reader’s Services includes all the services for the users such as reference service, circulation, reserving and others.

1. Library Current Awareness Service – refers to posting of current information on the bulletin board.

2. Bulletin Board Display – showcases library announcement on new acquisition, utilization and highlights the celebration of the month.

3. Library Instruction and Orientation Service – this is conducted at the start of every school year to all new students and transferees to orient them on the proper use of the library and its resources.

4. Book Display – a display of newly acquired books within a month.

5. Reference Service – refers to the assistance given to all library users on the easy retrieval of information, both print and non-print materials.

6. Circulation or Loan-out Services – this allows the users to borrow books for home study in a specific period of time.

7. Reserving Service – this allows the faculty to place titles of books in the reserved section for wider circulation.

8. Recalling and Stack Services

9. Inter-library Use – an agreement among the librarians of Davao Private School Librarians Association (DPSLA) and Davao Colleges and Universities Network (DACUN) member institutions to share library resources among clienteles provided that a certification is issued by a librarian to the librarian of other member institutions allowing the students/ teachers to avail of the library services and facilities and vice-versa.

b. Technical Services – refers to all the activities and processes to be done for newly acquired library materials. It includes recording, classifying, carding, etc. before the book is put in the circulation area.

1. Classifying and Cataloging – refers to the technical and mechanical process applied to the newly acquired books before they are placed in the circulation area.

2. Periodical Binding and Indexing – refers to the process of identifying specific topic or subjects in the periodical collection for easy retrieval of information.

3. Organizing Vertical File Collection – this refers to the collecting, organizing and updating of relevant materials as sources of pertinent information.

Library Orientation Policies:

1. Attendance to Library Orientation is a requirement for all new students. Hence, all freshmen and transferees are required to attend the Library Orientation at the start of every semester as scheduled. This ensures that each student understands the library policies, procedures, rules, and regulations affecting every library user.

2. Students should come on time. Late comers are not admitted. He/ She will wait for the next schedule. Students are advised to attend to their personal necessities before the library orientation begins.

3. Students should present the Attendance Slip at the Circulation Desk during their first borrowing transaction of the semester he/she is enrolled.

4. Freshmen and transferees who are not able to attend the Library Orientation will not be allowed to borrow books/materials from the library. He/She fills-up the form for non-attendance in the library orientation and will be scheduled for a library orientation either by group or on a one-on-one schedule before he/she could avail of the privileges in the library. Schedules for date or venues and the list of the names will be posted on the bulletin board a day before for their guidance.

5. Attendance to Library Orientation is a requirement for clearance. The clearance of freshmen and transferees will not be signed at the end of the semester if they are not able to attend the Library Orientation. He/She observes the procedure for handling delinquent students/library users.

6. Working students should present their valid certification of employment so that their attendance to the scheduled Library Orientation will be excused. However, they are requested to attend a one-on-one library orientation in an agreed schedule with the librarian.

Behavior in the Library:

1. Silence. It should be observed always inside the library. Talking aloud, laughing boisterously, and creating other unnecessary noise should always be avoided to avoid disturbing the library users.

2. Students are advised to wear their validated School I.D.s while inside the library.

3. Bringing of foods and drinks and eating are strictly prohibited.

4. Sleeping, doing vocational-industrial work, making visual aids, projects and artworks and other related activities are strictly prohibited inside the library. Students are advised to find other areas in the school premises in doing these activities to give space for students using the library to study, read, and do research work.

5. Littering of candy wrappers, crumpled scratch papers on tables and floors should be avoided. They should be thrown in the waste containers.

6. Cell phones should be put into a silent mood. Media players in any devices should not be used while inside the library.

7. Facilities and equipment (air-conditioning units, computers, electric fans, etc.) in the library are maintained and operated only by the library staff. Students are advised to seek assistance from the library staff if there are necessary adjustments to be done to the said facilities and equipment.

8. Vandalism is strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty of vandalism will be subject to disciplinary action. The application of sanction is based on the HCDC Student’s Handbook.

9. Attempted theft and destruction of library materials will be subject to disciplinary action. The application of sanction is based on the HCDC Student’s Handbook.

10. All library policies, guideline, rules and regulations are to be observed. Violators will be subject to corrective measure or disciplinary action.


1. Only bona fide HCDC students are allowed to borrow books in the library. He/ She should present his/her validated school ID every time he/she borrows library materials (for home-use, in-house use and photocopying purposes) to facilitate recording in the library automation system.

2. All borrowing and returning transaction should be done in the circulation desk at the Main and Annex libraries respectively.

3. Borrowing by proxy and authorization letter is not allowed. Students should borrow the books personally at the Circulation Desk.

4. Students with borrowed library materials should present the materials for inspection to the student assistant assigned at the entrance/exit point, before leaving the library.

5. Students with overdue books and unsettled accounts are not allowed to borrow books until the accounts are settled or overdue books are returned or renewed.

6. Books with defects are not circulated unless restored. If a student insists on borrowing the defective book, he/she takes charge of the responsibility in handling and restoring the said book.

7. Students with overdue books should return or renew the book/s at the Circulation Desk.

8. Any damage on returned books will be charged to the last borrower. Hence, borrowers should check the books before borrowing them.

9. Students with lost borrowed books should report immediately to the librarian/circulation desk in-charge to avoid the accumulation of fines.

10. In case of any eventualities where books have been totally destroyed due to fire, flood, and earthquake, the students should secure an affidavit of loss.

11. In case of lost or damaged book beyond repair not related to the above mentioned calamities, the student is required to replace the book with the same title, the same author or another book recommended by the Head Librarian. He/She pays the processing fee of the book.

12. General Reference books such as almanacs, bibliographies, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, geographical sources, handbooks, indexes, yearbooks, etc. are for library use only. Hence, they cannot be borrowed for home study.

13. Photocopying services are available inside the Main and Annex library; hence, library materials should not be taken outside for photocopying. However, in case the photocopying machines in the library are unavailable; the students may borrow the books for photocopying outside the library, provided the procedure in borrowing materials for photocopy is followed.

14. Borrowing and returning of library materials will start at 8:00 a.m. and will end at 7:30 p.m. Circulation desks are closed for back-up transaction 30 minutes before closing time.

15. Loaning of books for home use will be temporarily suspended three (3) days before the scheduled date of signing of clearance.

16. Students should return all borrowed library materials from the Learning Resource Center – Main and Annex Library and IMC (if any), before the scheduled signing of clearances.

17. Students should observe copyright laws in photocopying materials. Provision allows photocopying only for fair use in the library.


1. Students are allowed to borrow a maximum of five (5) books at a time: one (1) fiction and four (4) non-fiction books. Borrowed books may be renewed if no one has placed a reservation for it.

2. Reserved books (placed in the reserved counter) may be borrowed for overnight only. Borrowing of reserved books is temporarily suspended three (3) days before and during examination days.

3. Filipiniana books (placed in the Filipiniana Section, Prof. Ed. Section, and Maritime Section) may be borrowed for loan-out anytime of the day for one (1) day only.

4. Circulation/reference books may be borrowed for loan-out anytime of the day for three (3) days only.