The Maritime Education Program (MEP) of Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC) ranked second in the Maritime Student Assessment Program (MSAP) nationwide.

Maritime Lead Assessor Jundee Roxas said that the maritime students recorded a 91.5% passing rate in the recent MSAP exam which topped the national passing rate of 44.3%.

This means, that of the 96 second year Maritime students who took the exam, 86 passed.

The students who passed the exam excelled in the field of Math, English and Technical subjects, data showed.

Roxas added that there has been a dramatic increase of passing rates for the past four years from 55% in 2008 to 90.1% in 2011.

The MSAP is given to all 2nd year Maritime students. Those who passed the exam will qualify for the scholarship grants given by various shipping companies.

The MSAP was conducted last February 10. (J. Allaga and A.R. Cabayao)