• To provide the child’s basic knowledge and develop the foundation skills, attitudes and values including his/her moral and spiritual dimension essential to his/her personal development and necessary for living in contributing to a developing and changing social milieu.
  • To provide learning experiences which increases the child’s awareness of and responsiveness to changes in society and to prepare him/her for constructively effective involvement.
  • To promote and intensify the child’s knowledge of, identification with and love of the nation and the people to which he/she belongs.
  • To promote work experience which develops and enhances the child’ orientation to the world and creativity in order to prepare him/her to engage in honest and gainful work.

General Objectives:

  1. To enhance the range and quality of individual and group participation in the basic function of society founded in spiritual and moral values.
  2. To acquire the essential educational foundation for his/her development into productive and versatile citizen.

Specific Objectives:

A graduate of PHGS-HCDC is expected to be :

1. Intelligent

  • interprets information
  • creative, truth seeker, critical and logical thinker
  • has the “virtues of intellect” such as humility, honesty, objectivity, accuracy, clarity, logic and concentration
  • shows interest in intellectual creation
  • has the thirst for knowledge

2. Spiritually Mature

  • lives in faith by applying it to his/her own conduct
  • acts according to Christian principles (love, service and and commitment)
  • involved in school, parish and community activities
  • seeks the need for divine help through prayers and sacraments
  • finds inspiration in Christ, in Mary, saints and in other people who have committed themselves to Christ

3. Healthy

  • respect the body as partner of a person’s immortal soul and keeps it physically fit

4. Vocationally prepared and economically self-sufficient

  • develops love of family life
  • develops love of work
  • contributes productively to the economic sufficiency of the family and community

5. Social – Minded

  • aware of the social conditions and problems in his/her own community and country
  • respects the rights of the other people and opposes any form of human rights violation
  • develop the sense of responsibility toward his/her family, school, community and country.

6. Filipino

  • has a deep sense of nationalism, and patriotism
  • loves, support and defends his/her country