Admission Policy and Requirements

1. Passed the oral and written examinations conducted by the Guidance & Testing Center.

2. Interview of parents and pupils.

3. Submission of the following documents to the Registrar’s Office:

  • Kindergarten Report Card or Certificate for Grade 1
  • Report Card or Form 138-B for Transferees
  • A Photocopy of Birth Certificate (original copy to be presented for validation)
    Exam result
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character signed by the Principal/Directress for Grade IV, V and VI
  • 6 pieces 1 x 1 pictures (2 copies for the Registrar’s Office, 2 copies for the Guidance Counselor’s Office and 2 copies or the ID and Borrower’s Card)

4. Must be five(5) years old on the first day of classes for Kindergarten

5. Must be 6 years old on the first day of classes for Grade 1

6. For non-Catholics, parents and pupils should be interviewed by the Campus Ministry personnel before the pupils could take the entrance examination.

Enrollment Procedures

1. NEW PUPILS – They should get an admission slip from the Admission Committee, present it to the Cashier and pay the fees required for enrollment.

2. OLD PUPILS – They should present their report card (Form 138-B) to the Cashier and pay the fees required for enrollment.

3. Accomplish the Official Registration Form (ORF)

4. Proceed to the Parents-Teachers Fellowship Office for payment of membership fee and other fees.

5. See the following for interviews and signature:

– Guidance Counselor
– Campus Ministry
– Prefect of Discipline
– Registrar
– Principal


1. Five (5%) percent discount for full payment of tuition fee during enrolment period only.

2. FAMILY DISCOUNT – either in the elementary or high school, the youngest child gets the discount on tuition fee only.

3 children – 25 % discount on tuition fee
4 children – 50% discount on tuition fee
5 children – 75% discount on tuition fee
6 children – 100 % discount on tuition fee
7 children – 50% discount on tuition fee

Refund of Fees and Withdrawals

Refund of Fees

If the pupil drops before the 10th day of the month, he/she will be refunded for the month’s tuition fee.


A pupils should notify his/her class adviser and principal of the plan to leave the school or transfer, accomplish a clearance slip then obtain eligibility.