The External Relations Office

The External Relations Office is one of the offices under the Office of the President that handles the public relations work of the institution, marketing and promotion as well as institutional linkages. Presently the office is headed by Mr. Mark Anthony S. Ventura, External Relations Associate who also serves as the PESO Manager of the institution. The office also serves as the link of the alumni in relation to alumni relations.

The Primary Duties and Responsibilities  

The primary duties and responsibilities of the office are:

1. Participates in the planning and organization of the integrated public relations program of the institution.

2. Conducts comprehensive information campaign about the programs, activities and achievements of the Institution.

3. Collaborates with the Marketing and Business Development Associate on the following:

    • Designs and produces multi-media informational materials on the various aspects of operations and activities of the Institution.
    • Coordinates with other departments of the Institution on the development of promotional materials in support of their respective programs and activities.
    • Prepares, reviews, and recommends final advertising and promotional materials before actual production and placement.

4. Organizes and implements special events and projects designed to project positive Institutional image.

5. Writes and arranges for the publication or airing of press releases of the Institution in mass media channels; arranges for press         conferences and media presentations as necessary.

6. Evaluates the effectiveness of the promotional campaigns vis-ᾲ-vis enhanced public awareness, positive image of the Institution, and increased level of business.

7. Undertakes the editing and management of the publication of the house organ or internal newsletter.

8. Receives, entertains, and conducts briefings / orientation sessions on the Institution for visitors and organized groups requiring such.

9. Establishes networking and connections with other educational institutions and community organizations to generate reciprocal support and to foster collaboration on common projects.

 10. Prepares and sends solicitation letters to generate scholarship grants from possible benefactors upon approval of the President; undertakes the documentation of the scholarship agreement through a memorandum of agreement; assists the finance department in securing the funding for the scholarship.

11. Assists in establishing contact with external agencies and the alumni to generate possible financial and technical assistance.

12. Arranges for the induction of graduating students to the alumni association and ensures the initial collection of their membership fees.

13. Undertakes the regular updating of the Alumni Directory, keeping track of the current whereabouts and demographic information on alumni.

14. Serves as the liaison of the Institution with the Alumni Association and its chapters.

15. Undertakes regular information dissemination and contact with the alumni through bulletins, newsletters, electronic mail messages, and other communication media as well as through meetings and assemblies.

16. Coordinates homecomings, class reunions, and gatherings initiated by alumni class organization officers.

 17. Acts as the Institution’s representative to and participates in the various projects of the alumni.

 18. Promotes voluntary alumni participation in the Institution’s programs and activities such as community extension, researches, curriculum development, institutional development, and others.

 19. Establishes a placement bureau for graduates to assist them in finding employment opportunities.

20. Prepares criteria and guidelines for the recognition of outstanding alumni. Recommends to the President and the Board of Trustees the recognition of and awarding of honors to distinguished alumni.

21. Prepares monthly planner on activities to be undertaken; consolidates outputs, results, and submits the same to the superiors in the organization.

22. Participates in various institutional programs and activities; attends training programs and learning sessions for the enhancement of professional, technical and personal proficiencies.

23. Performs such other duties and responsibilities analogous, germane or related to and / or implied from the above enumeration of duties and responsibilities