Members of the international performing arts group Gen Rosso were greeted with a warm welcome and great festivity as they arrived in the city for their 2-day solidarity concert entitled “Streetlight: One for Love” on February 14 -15.

The sounds of gong and shouts of joy reveled in the arrival area of the Davao City International Airport as Gen Rosso artists came out one by one.

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Members of the Focolare Movement Davao, Staff and students of Holy Cross of Davao College and the HCDC Dancers met them with so much pride and cordiality. A feature of a truly friendly Davaoeno.

And, to make them truly feel at home, Gen Rosso group were billeted to Domicilio Lorenzo Apartelle, located in the prime touristic area of the city, which promises a relaxing and wonderful visit to get the vibe of an experience of truly home in Davao, a city that symbolizes goodness and abundance.

After arrival, Gen Rosso paid a courtesy visit to Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles. The archbishop lauded the efforts of the international artists of promoting a culture of non-violence. A holy mass was then offered for the success of their 2-day solidarity concert.


(Photo courtesy of Gen Rosso PH Solidarity Tour Facebook Group)


(Photo courtesy of Gen Rosso PH Solidarity Tour Facebook Group)


(Photo courtesy of Gen Rosso PH Solidarity Tour Facebook Group)


(Photo courtesy of Gen Rosso PH Solidarity Tour Facebook Group)


The father of the city, Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte, despite of his hectic schedules also welcomed the members of the Gen Rosso in the City Hall to offer to them his kind welcome.


(Photo courtesy of Gen Rosso PH Solidarity Tour Facebook Group)

The mayor assures them of his constant support especially on programs and activities that is for the good of humanity.

Another heartfelt welcome was given to them during the regular session of the city councilors in the Sangguniang Panglungsod ng Davao.

Councilors Mabel Sunga Acosta and April Marie Dayap both commended the Gen Rosso for their cause to stop bullying and to contribute towards strengthening against violence, isolation, drugs and many other various kinds of subtle but painful experiences of oppression.

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Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte also expressed support to the advocacy of Gen Rosso and assures them that the city is always welcome to receive them.

The 2-day Streetlight musical relates a true story, that of Charles Moats (1951 – 1969), who grows in the ghettos of Chicago and remains faithful to his gospel-related ideals, despite the difficulties and the hatred he encounters. He decides against violence and he sticks to his choice in a very coherent way, even at the cost of his own life.

This Gen Rosso musical has already gained the support of millions of young people worldwide.  Gen Rosso International Performing Arts Group was born in 1966 in Loppiano (Florence) from an idea of Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare Movement, who gave a set of red drums as a gift to a group of

Young people, who welcomed visitors to this small town, in order to communicate through music the values, of peace and universal brotherhood, experienced.

Since the very beginning, the activity of Gen Rosso has originated from the artistic cultural heritage and the internationality of its members, together with their personal commitment to implement in everyday life the same values they try to promote.

Presently, the group consists of 18 members who come from 8 countries: Brazil, Tanzania, Argentina,

Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the Philippines and Poland. To date, more than 200 artists and technicians have  contributed towards more than 1500 concerts that the Gen Rosso produced in 24 languages, 150 tours in 49 countries, 54 albums, 325 songs, 60 major events and 350 workshops with more than 4million participants.