CoME positive of Japs’ nod anew

The Dean of the College of Maritime Education (COME) Capt. Alejo Dotimas remains optimistic to get the nod anew of Japanese auditors and be granted renewal of recognition by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism. This, after its visit to HCDC on...

Virtue of the Month of December

CHAPLAIN AND CAMPUS MINISTRY OFFICE Virtue of the Month of December “You received without pay, give without pay.” (Mt. 10:8) Today in the sprawling slums of Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya), Jesuits from Chicago Province run a high school. What is different about this school...

HCDC graduates among Top 10 in 2018 Customs Broker Licensure Exam

Two Customs Administration graduates from Holy Cross of Davao College cracked two spots among the Top 10 passers of the Customs Brokers Licensure Exam (CBLE) held last November 21 and 22. Mark Joseph Villarba former External Vice President of the Bachelor of Science...

Abp. Valles to graduates: “Carry your Crosses joyfully”

Families, friends and the Holy Cross of Davao College community have gathered to celebrate the success of 878 graduates from both the graduate and undergraduate programs of the school during the 31st Midyear Commencement Exercises, November 10 at the HCDC Gymnasium.  ...

Virtue of the Month of November: Justice

CHAPLAIN AND CAMPUS MINISTRY OFFICE Virtue of the Month of November  “Do for others what you want them to do for you.” (Matthew 7:12) Amos, an Old Testament prophet told his cousins that their community had too many religious meetings, fancy projects, fund-raising...

Virtue of the Month of October: Chastity

CHAPLAIN AND CAMPUS MINISTRY OFFICE Virtue of the Month of October: Chastity “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." (Matthew 5:8) A short anecdote A monk and his disciple reached a river bank. They had to cross it to reach their monastery. The river...

HCDC gives back

As part of the celebration of the 67th Founding Anniversary and School Fiesta on September 13-15, the Holy Cross of Davao College sent teams to Barangay Los Amigos, Tugbok District, Davao City last September 8, to cater some medical needs of the residents in the said...

MTRCB conducts 6th Family and Child Summit in Davao City

To recognize Mindanao's significance and commemorate its contribution to the Philippine cinema, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) held its 6th Family and Child Summit at the Sedes Sapientiae Auditorium, Holy Cross of Davao College last...

Virtue of the Month of September: Obedience

Virtue of the Month of September OBEDIENCE (A CALL TO LISTEN)                                                               “You shall follow the LORD your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him.”  -...

Virtue of the Month of August: Honesty

“When you tell the truth, justice is done, but lies leads to injustice.” (Prov. 12:17) Introduction: Being honest is not always easy. As Christians, we know how easy it is to fall into sin. Sometimes we may ask, “What's wrong with a little white lie? Anyway,...


We provide wider opportunities and excellent services to all students, especially the less fortunate, in order to enhance their capabilities and talents and improve their quality of life.


We share the Catholic faith in the spirit of communion in order to cultivate peace-loving attitudes, mentalities and behaviours that promote unity among diverse groups.


We deliver high quality instruction, engage in meaningful community extension services, and publish world class researches, animated by the passion for truth and service.

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President’s Report

Message to the Graduates of 2018

Congratulations for reaching a milestone in your student life – your graduation! It is truly a cause of celebration and thanksgiving. It is an opportune time to say “thank you” first, to God who is the source of what you have and are, and second, to your parents, teachers, and to all those who have guided and helped you hurdle the learning years, both in and outside the classroom.

While recognizing that your graduation is a milestone, your journey as agents of social transformation outside the borders of your Alma Mater has just begun. Welcome to the real world! Allow me to offer this piece of advice and remind you of the importance of faith and truth to be such agents of positive change: In a world wired to its fingertips and in “a world where truth seems to matter little,” you, each of you, can be a truth teller, a bulwark against lies and fake news, trolls and threats. As graduates of higher learning education, and as alumni of HCDC, you have come of age. You have been “educated in the faith with a passion for the truth, justice, peace and service.” Knowing this brings about practical consequences. Knowledge breeds response-ability. Be the change you want to see. Hold on to your passion for truth. Always be truthful even if others can’t. This is our “real possession in the changing fortunes of time.” May your witness become the word of truth which our world needs so much today.

Guided by our Motto, Ex Fide Ad Veritatem, GO as Christian citizens of this country and “offer yourself passionately and honestly to the great work of renewing our society and helping to build a better world” (Pope Francis’ challenge to the youth).

With you in your journey from Faith to Truth,

Rev. Msgr. Julius C. Rodulfa

2018 Lenten Message

ASH WEDNESDAY begins the great season of Lent, when we are invited to “rend our hearts and not our garments” (JI 2:13) and to “offer to God a sacrifice of a humble and contrite spirit” (Ps 51:19). As we enter into the spirit of the season, it is good to remind ourselves of the truthfulness and honesty that Jesus asks of his followers – one that suggests an almost child-like disposition. A child is spontaneous and free in what he does. In a way, our way of LIVING OUR FAITH should be the same, spontaneous, free, child-like, honest and true. The world must know of our faith and our commitment to it. We must not hide the fact that we follow in the footsteps of Christ. But what Jesus was really warning against was not so much the external manifestations of our faith, but the internal dispositions that lead one to them (Mt 6). What one’s motives and intentions are makes the difference. For Jesus, it is what lies deep in our hearts that is of the greatest importance.

“A still and quiet conscience arises from the knowledge that one has been true to self and to God.”

Rev. Msgr. Julius C. Rodulfa

A Catechesis on the Vision-Mission of Holy Cross of Davao College

No Catholic school can remain catholic without attention to its identity and to the principles that give it its distinctive character.

Instructional Material: A Catechesis on Stewardship

Read in the light of Christ, within the unity of Sacred Scripture and in the living Tradition of the Church, these texts remain the principal sources for catechesis on the mysteries of the “beginning”: creation, fall, and promise of salvation (CCC 289).

Booklet on Integral Evangelization

The year 2011 was the Jubilee Year (60th foundation anniversary) of the Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC). We celebrated the year with the theme: 60 Years of Evangelization with Gratitude and Hope!

A Catechesis on the 60th Diamond Jubillee

The institutional research, Holy Cross of Davao College at 60: Reflection of the Davao Community (2011) recommended that “the entire institution, bound by its role as an evangelizing arm of the Catholic Church, make the school increasingly Catholic in flavor.”

HCDC Maritime Training Center

The Holy Cross of Davao College Maritime Training Center continues to develop and improve the facilities and equipment at its training site in Camudmud, Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) to provide quality training in the region and aims to offer more training courses in the near future which is of importance to the seafarers specially in Mindanao which comprises 30% of the total population of seafarers in the country.

Board Passers

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HCDC has not only prepared me academically, but also spiritually.

PO3 Sheila May Pansoy

Metrobank Most Outstanding Filipino 2017, BSPsych 2004

The four years spent here were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally and personally.

Mark Kinlee Ocay

AB MassComm, 2015

Alumni Homecoming

Online Learning Resources

Crossing Over to Senior High School

Aside from Kindergarten, Grade School and Junior High School, the HCDC Basic Education Department offers Senior High School (Grade 11 and Grade 12) in the Bajada Campus with the variety of tracks to choose from.

Crossing the Seas

Catering to any seafarer or to any aspirant in becoming one, the HCDC Maritime Training Center offers two (2) MARINA-Accredited Courses: (1) Basic Training Course and (2) Ship Security Awareness Training and Seafarers with Designated Security Duties.

Crossing Financial Boundaries

True to its social responsibility by providing affordable quality Catholic education to all especially the less fortunate, HCDC provides scholarship programs base on academic performance, proficiency, financial needs and other criteria.